10HP 007 – Marvel Heroes

In this podcast we discuss Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play action-rpg by Gazillion set in the Marvel universe.

We added Scott LeMay to the mix this month, an avid Marvel fan, and a first-time contributor to the 10-hp podcast. The reviews of the game were mixed, but I think everyone generally agreed that the free-to-play elements needed ironing out.

Next month we are going indie with the recently released Unepic. Send us your questions and comments about this show, the upcoming game, or anything else you feel needs your attention at podcast@10-hp.com.

Music in this podcast was recorded in-game from various levels.

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One comment on “10HP 007 – Marvel Heroes
  1. Chris Peters says:

    To fix issues with some audio being too low, I ran this through a compressor and then re-uploaded. The audio should be more even now and you shouldn’t have to adjust while playing anymore.

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