10HP 014 – Might and Magic: Heroes VI

In this podcast we discuss turn-based fantasy strategy, Might and Magic Heroes 6. Anthony made this selection as a long time fan of the series.

Attendees were Anthony, Chris, Glorious, Riki and Paul.

Bonus HPs included discussion of the upcoming documentary on gaming culture, Outerlands, and random musings about Xbox One, Forza 5 and PS4.

Next month we are going with real-time strategy game, Company of Heroes 2. Send us your questions and comments about this show, the upcoming game, or anything else you feel needs your attention at podcast@10-hp.com.

Music in this podcast was taken from the Free Music Archive and created by 2NRO8OT. It has been modified to fit the spacing of our breaks. Find out more here:

Video Connector (Outro) (2NRO8OT) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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