Marvel:WoH – I forgot to turn in my shards!

I consider myself an obsessive-compulsive gamer.  I had accrued over 400 ISO-8 shards from the most recent S.H.I.E.L.D. Enforcement Training event, plus another 100-150 more from sharing and gifts.  I have exchanged plenty of shards (1 card per 3 shards redeemed) and was down to 200.  I do not like clogging up my gifts list with redeemed cards, so I hold on to the shards and slowly redeem them, immediately making use of the cards redeemed – either sold for silver or fed to other cards.

Anyways, the redemption period is until March 19th, 1am ET or something, which is March 18th, 10pm my time.  For some reason, I had thought that I had until Thursday (today as of this posting).  So I was planning on redeeming my remaining shards on Wednesday afternoon.  When I noticed that the button had disappeared on Sunday night, I knew that I mixed up the date.  It is completely my fault for being so scatterbrained, but one that cost me over 70 cards.  Rant over.


A little background for Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes is a mobile trading card game (TCG), something I’ve been coining “eCCG”, or “electronic collectible card game”, published by mobage and Cygames, the same folks behind Rage of Bahamut, perhaps the most notable and successful mobile TCG to date.  The players collect and trade famous Marvel superheroes and supervillains, represented in card form.  I’ll save my game review for another time.

There are regularly run events that offer players a chance to compete for extremely rare cards.   These events pit players against one another, or teams of players against other teams, or lastly against the computer.  I almost said “AI”, but it is really a fixed number of hit points to whittle away in the case of PvE.  The most recent event, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Enforcement Training, Alliances (teams) are randomly matched against other Alliances and compete for points, which determine overall ranking at the end of the event.  ISO-8 shards are doled out after each battle.

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