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Valentine’s Day Special Tribute to my BF…

Brave Frontier – my newest free-to-play obsession.  Same formula as many other “collectible card games” – you collect units or various rarity, level them up and evolve them, form squads and go off to battle. So what makes this different

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D&D: Arena of War Review

Mobage/DeNA, the sucker of my time via collectible digital goods, has teamed up with Wizards of the Coast (and Hasbro) to release a game whose theme hits close to home: Dungeons and Dragons: Arena of War. You have a stable of

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Battle Nations 3.0

I haven’t posted in a while, so I’ll use this opportunity to plug one of my favorite iOS games – Battle Nations! So I’ve been playing Battle Nations for iOS mobile since the end of 2011, shortly before the first

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Being social in social gaming

I’ve been playing mobage’s Fantasica for quite some time, and now Marvel: War of Heroes.  In many ways, these “games” aren’t nothing more than a glorified card-collecting and databasing engine, but they are touted as social games as well. At

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100 Rogues – Victory FAIL

I’m a fan of rogue-likes, but I prefer more of the Chunsoft line of games, “Torneko: The Last Hope”, “Shiren the Wanderer”, and to some extent, the Pokemon games too.  Never played the Chocobo one.  I like these more for

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Marvel:WoH – I forgot to turn in my shards!

I consider myself an obsessive-compulsive gamer.  I had accrued over 400 ISO-8 shards from the most recent S.H.I.E.L.D. Enforcement Training event, plus another 100-150 more from sharing and gifts.  I have exchanged plenty of shards (1 card per 3 shards

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